Windscreen Replacment

Replacement windscreen service provided by qualified technicians.

Windscreen replacement service at a location that’s convenient to you in West Yorkshire or from 1 of our 3 locations in Halifax, Bradford, Huddersfield or Leeds.  With any windscreen replacement we will always attempt to repair your windscreen first, but if the windscreen is damaged too badly then windscreen replacement will be the only option.

Our work is warranted for as long as you own the vehicle which means that your windscreen replacement will be installed and sealed by an experienced technician. It will not leak unless it is broken or the car rusts around it, in which case there is no coverage under the warranty.

The process for your replacement is first to establish the right parts to fit from our extensive parts catalogue, all of which are manufactured to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards.

The vehicle is then prepared, protecting any surrounding bodywork and a pre-inspection completed, the existing damaged glass is then removed, a bonding agent is applied to the aperture and then the new windscreen is fitted.

We handle the entire process ensuring we clean up any debris. From start to finish a replacement will usually take between 1 to 2 hours depending on the type of screen being fitted and you’ll be safe to drive away 1 hour after the screen is fitted.

Get in touch with us now and arrange for a free quote from one of our mobile team, or drop your vehicle into 1 of our 3 locations in Halifax, Huddersfield or Bradford.

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