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Providing a fixed cost solution for HGV’s, LGV’s and Cars, you can accurately budget your glass expenditure across the whole fleet. This policy allows you the opportunity to remove glass costs from your claims history. Costing significantly less than the typical fleet excess of £350, it’s worth serious consideration.

Private Individual

If you have a high excess on your motor insurance policy for replacement glass, or if your insurance does not cover replacement glass, our glass insurance provides you with a low cost fixed price solution. If more than 2 pieces of glass have been broken then additional costs may be incurred, subject to our policy.
Why would a company consider buying this insurance?
if you are self-insured or have a high excess for glass claims then you should consider using this policy to fix your glass costs per vehicle per annum. Glass claims count towards your overall cost and frequency of claims when it comes to renewal time so you should consider this policy to optimise your total cost of insurance.
I'm a private individual, why do I need this cover?
The glass policy is particularly suitable for either private individuals that have a high excess for glass claims on their motor insurance policy or if glass is not covered on their motor insurance for instance when the vehicles is insured for third party claims only.
Does this glass policy cover me for damage caused by vandalism?
Yes, it does, provided that no more than two pieces of glass have been broken.  It does not cover you for additional work such as damage caused to paintwork. If more than two pieces of glass have been broken additional costs may be incurred subject to our policy.
I have a chip in my windscreen, is this covered in the policy?
Yes. If the British Standard code of practice permits a repair in the area of the windscreen that is damaged, then we will repair it. If a repair cannot be carried out then we will replace the glass if the number of claims permitted on your policy limit has not been reached.
Key Facts
Cover is for Windscreens, Side windows and Rear windows
Unlimited Windscreen Repairs
The policy covers HGV’s, LGV’s, and cars
Cover applies to both accident and vandalism damage
You may claim up to 3 times per vehicle per year

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